AI Sculpture

This body of work, made during my time as an artist in residence at the John Michael Kohler Arts/Industry program runs adjacent to and in continuation from ongoing research and experimentation with Artificial Intelligence.

The work made during my time at Kohler used a much more powerful AI engine than in the past, which required a minimum of two image prompts. In a sort of feedback loop, I used photos of the sculptures created in 2019 & 2020, along with additional prompts such as toy advertisements and TV shows from the 1980s; imagery deeply embedded in my unconscious.

Visually referencing the AI images, models were then hand sculpted and turned into large slip casting molds, allowing for multiple copies. Because these pieces are derived from 2 dimensional imagery, each model was created as a half-sculpture with the flat back indicating the side of the sculpture not visible in the generated image. By assembling 2 of these half-sculptures, a full multi-dimensional piece is made.