Flat Optics
A fascination with 2D vs 3D arose with an interest in digitizing work, this fascination extended to visually flattening 3dimensional objects. In Static Max, a dizzying striped pattern on a 3dimensional relief of Max Headroom obscures the dimension while alluding to television static or dazzle camouflage. 
In the Magic Eye/Rorschach series, a 3Dimensional Rorschach image is flattened by an overwhelming pattern which references the Magic Eye posters of the 90’s. In these posters, a “3D” image supposedly pops out at you once you relax your eyes, something that was always a struggle, leaving the incapable viewer to hypothesize what the image actually was. The Rorschach was chosen as a subjective nod to that hypothesizing, the making up of a meaning behind the very objectively obvious image that could never be seen on a Magic Eye poster.