Iterative Rocks
This rock is from my favorite campsite in Minnesota. Most likely a remnant from the old sandstone quarry that used to be there. A rock normally connotes weight, earthly connections and time. It is a sliver of earth, a capture of an epoch . To scan, a gridded light bounces off the rock and transfers information to a computer where a 3-dimensional rendering of the rock comes into existence.  The surface of the rock is the information we are working with, a shell of datapoints. In essence, we’ve created a digital skin. That digital image knows no time, yet it is a time capsule. I use these materials that convey time, transferring them to a medium that freezes time, yet marks them at a certain chronology in the digital landscape. In creating a digital skin, we’ve simultaneously created a digital void, the space surrounding the skin, inside and outside. We are able to see that space with the removal of the digital skin, exposing the generated fill pattern. To print this object sans skin is to print the internal void. We can see the heart, lungs, organs to our digital rock which the computer has generated, usually in the form of a gridded or a gyroid fill pattern. These pieces are an exploration of that void, and an exploration of building new skin with glazes.