Nestled into some indistinct ground matter is that one that elicits the double take. I've filled my pockets with double takes over the years. They scatter around the house, on windowsills, in bowls of pocket-change, in cup holders and glove compartments.
I've been tracing the mutations that occur through processes within my studio. An interest in moving physical objects into the 3D digital space and returning them once again to the physical became apparent. Loss of fidelity occurs, along with trace evidence of the digitization. These transformations provide a fingerprint of an object's movement through the process.
The countless pocket rocks around my house have undergone a different kind of transformation, one relating more to signification. I can no longer say with certainty where or when they came from. A transformation via memory has occurred. I began to see the body as a vehicle, not dissimilar to digitization, for transformation and interpretation. The rocks in this space take on a new meaning as they change scale and color, they have made a hypothetical journey through my body from observation to interpretation.